Resolving Sophie’s Choice: #rED14

If you’re anything like me, three things are happening:

1. You have the ResearchEd 2014 schedule laid out in front of you, utterly paralysed by the choice.
2. Despite the gravity of the problem that faces you, you’re as giddy as an infant on Christmas Eve. The cocktail of emotions only further excites you.
3. Your girlfriend is sighing and shaking her head, whilst browsing through ex-boyfriends’ Facebook pages wondering what the hell happened.

Fear not!

I’ve developed a fool-proof – no, it’s better than that – teacher-proof system to make the most effective choices of who to see at this year’s hottest educational conference.

Step 1: Take a row in which you are having difficulty deciding who to see (all of the rows).

Step 2: Score each speaker(s) based on the criteria below

Step 3: Take a big black marker and circle the speaker who scores most highly, confident in the fact that you’ve beat the system and have won the conference.

Step 4 (optional): Revel in the smug satisfaction that other delegates will hopelessly flounder around the coffee area before streaming into the room in which the flow seems to be greatest. You gotta have a system man.


1. The speaker is of high influence and a key decision maker (+3 points).
2. You have mentioned the speaker in conversation to a friend/colleague in the last month (+2 and then +1 for each individual mention).
3. The session is on a topic with which you are unfamiliar (+1).
4. The session is being filmed (-4).
5. You have a question that you would like to ask the speaker (+2).
6. You know the speaker personally (+1).
7. You know be speaker so well that they are likely to ask you if you enjoyed their session (+3).
8. The content of the session is likely to be reproduced, more or less in its entirety, in a blog (-3).
9. The speaker had promised to give out some sort of confectionary (+2).
10. The session is directly relevant to your specific job/role (+3).

You joy of this exercise, of course, is that you can’t lose.

See you tomorrow!



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