Shadow education meeting minutes 27/9/2014

“Singapore seem to be doing well in all of those PISA tests. Shall we go there and see if we can work out what the secret is?”
“No need, I can save you the trouble. Their secret ingredient – which we’ve really been missing here in the uk all of this time – is that they get their teachers to say that they really are definitely going to teach when they start teaching.”
“Right. But… I mean I’m not sure how that would really help children, you know, learn more effectively?”
“Oh yeah it does. Because now the teachers really are properly going to teach them. Because they remember that they told everyone that they promised to teach all of the children, years previously.”
“Teachers seem to be talking a lot about workload and not having the time to be effective with their children.”
“Don’t worry. The oath will help with that.”
“So, we don’t need to go to Singapore after all? We don’t need to watch what their behaviour management is like, or how teachers question, or whether they differentiate differently, or how management is structured, or what career progression looks like, or how their assessment system works?”

“Nah. It’s all just the oath.”


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