Month: February 2015

Research project for primary schools.

In September 2015, I’ll be undertaking a research project with the University of Cambridge to test the efficacy of helping teachers create action plans informed by Educational Effectiveness Research. I’m interested in whether this approach can have a positive impact in student outcomes, and the impact on teachers’ professional development and confidence.

There is some evidence internationally that this approach has a beneficial effect on school improvement. My prospective design would involve working with four schools, two of which would receive the treatment (evidence based action plans) and two of which would act as ‘control’ schools (supported in developing general action plans). Schools will be randomly allocated to these groups.

A team from the Faculty of Education at Cambridge will visit your school to deliver training in the approach and support teachers in creating their evidence-based action plans.

If you are a member of SLT, and are interested in this project, please do get in touch. If you aren’t a member of SLT, but think that your school would be interested in this sort of project, I’d also be really keen to hear from you. My email address is