A book of poems.

Learning a poem off by heart is remarkably easy, possible for everyone to achieve, and yet so seldom done. The benefits, other than the sheer pleasure of having a little bank of some wonderful poetry in your head, are legion, for they are many.

We think that poetry is really important at Reach, and once a week our children spend time in their ‘poetry partners’ practising some of the best poems from history. They focus on the oracy of poems, the meaning of the words, the message being delivered, the rhythm, the literary devices, the expression necessary to connect with the poem, and on and on.

I’ve collected together a booklet of my favourite poems here. Some are shorter, some longer; some easier, some harder. I’ve probably missed some absolute greats, so please do comment if I’ve omitted your favourite. We are always looking to update.

You can download the booklet here: Poetry challenge

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